Requests: Crochet (CWC), Diamond Painting (DPWC), Full Coverage Cross Stitch(CS).

Request are submitted monthly and returned by the end of the month, usually sooner.

For "Crochet Word Charts":

Please follow the Google Doc to complete a request form.

Each Google Doc is equivalent to 1 request. 

You will see a confirmation of sent when you hit submit. We will reply if there are any issues or a decline in image.  Thank you for your request and thank you for your patience!

For Diamond Painting Word Charts and Full Coverage Cross Stitch:
subject:  CS or DP (pending your request)
body of text:  Include the name/sku of each chart from the eCart you wish to have converted.  The sku# is listed in the description of each product

Purchase a DP and request a CS upgrade for $2.