Requests: Crochet (CWC), Diamond Painting (DPWC), Full Coverage Cross Stitch(CS).

Be advise, I am not taking normal requests this month. All requests made (in May) will be added to a list and completed after my "planned work load" for this month.  I am working on special releases and will update as those come to the eCart.
Thank you!

Request are submitted monthly and returned by the end of the month, usually sooner.

For "Crochet Word Charts":

Please follow the Google Doc to complete a request form.

Each Google Doc is equivalent to 1 request. 

You will see a confirmation of sent when you hit submit. We will reply if there are any issues or a decline in image.  Thank you for your request and thank you for your patience!

For Diamond Painting Word Charts and Full Coverage Cross Stitch:
subject:  CS or DP (pending your request)
body of text:  Include the name/sku of each chart from the eCart you wish to have converted.  The sku# is listed in the description of each product

Purchase a DP and request a CS upgrade for $2.