Full Coverage Cross Stitch Conversion Charts Q&A

Q:  What exactly are Full Coverage Cross Stitch Conversion Charts?

A: Any word chart that I have made can now have a Full Coverage Cross Stitch Conversion Chart made for it!  Any future Word Chart requests can turn into conversion chart.

Q: Will I be able to request having one made without a word chart?

A: At this time I will only be making Conversion Charts.  I am not designing fresh and new solo charts, sorry.

Q: What type stitches will the Full Coverage Cross Stitch Conversion Chart feature?


A: Simply "X" Stitches.  The chart will not have back stitching, half stitching, french knots...etc.

Q: What is the difference between the Visual Image that comes with a Crochet Word Chart and the Visual Image that will come with the Full Coverage Cross Stitch Conversion Chart.

A: The differences are several.  Let me break it down.

Crochet Word Charts comes with a one page image of your word chart in colorful matching squares. 
Full Coverage Cross Stitch Conversion Charts  have your Color Code letter directly on the square.  Color Code A is Red.  The square will have "A" and red on it.

Crochet Word Charts images are 1 page in size.  If you want it larger, you'll have to configure a printer to make it larger.
Full Coverage Cross Stitch Conversion Charts will only produce one page images on the 48sc x 48sc minis.  All other word charts will increase in pages to print.  Some as small as 2 pages others as big as 9 pages.  It all depends on the size of the original word chart!!

Crochet Word Charts come with a recommendation of yarn brands.
Full Coverage Cross Stitch Conversion Charts will come with a recommendation of DMC Thread Colors.

Q: How much is this going to cost me?  I know Word Charts are charged based on the size:
Mini and Regular Pillows, Floor Pillows and Baby Blankets are $4
Standard Blankets are $5
Twins and Squares are $5.50
Full are $6
Personalized Monogram Letters in Square are $7 (new in 2018)

A: Full Coverage Cross Stitch Conversion Charts are going to be a FLAT $3 Doesn't matter what size!  Flat $3!
UPDATE:  The $10 Crochet Word Charts will be listed as $5 Full Coverage Cross Stitch Conversion Charts. The Flat $3 is for any chart under $10, and that covers the ENTIRE eCart!

Q: Will they qualify in specials like Buy 2 Get 1 Free?

A: No, they are already a great low price! Compared to the Word Chart Prices, this is a steal of a deal!  Flat Rate! 

Q: Do you offer samplers for us to try out?
 A: Of course!  Visit the main page and scroll all the way down to the bottom footer bar!!

Any other questions, please email me at Payments@crochetwordcharts.com and if I see it necessary, I'll add it to this list!!