Free Word Chart Sampler

Would you like to try a Crochet Word Chart for free?
Here's a Sampler of an adorable Flower!

Flower Mini Pillow Word Chart  48sc x48sc

Color Chart: 3000-3500 count equals about  7oz of yarn.

Chart #:A  Yellow ILTY  Count:114  Chart #:B  Limelight ILTY  Count:140  Chart #:C  Rosy Cheeks ILTY  Count:651  Chart #:D  White ILTY  Count:940  
Chart #:E  Black ILTY  Count:459

Instructions:  SC ONLY.  Turn and Ch1 before starting the first row and each row there-after.

Left-handed Instructions:  Crochet by reading the instructions backwards.

Tunisian Instructions: Read every other row backwards, paying special attention to image view.

Gauge: 4sc per inch.

Word Chart Instructions:                                                                                                                        
 *This chart is designed from the top down with single crochet.  
 If you wish to crochet it from the bottom up, you may start at the last row (like reading a book) and work your way back up, paying special attention to the image for the "right" side.  

Visit my YouTube for color changing tutorials:

Chain  48(colors of your choice)

Row 1   (48)D

Row 2   (20)D, (6)E, (22)D

Row 3   (21)D, (2)E, (4)C, (2)E, (19)D

Row 4   (18)D, (2)E, (6)C, (2)E, (20)D

Row 5   (14)D, (7)E, (8)C, (1)E, (1)D, (5)E, (12)D

Row 6   (11)D, (2)E, (3)C, (4)E, (6)C, (2)E, (5)C, (2)E, (13)D

Row 7   (12)D, (2)E, (7)C, (2)E, (4)C, (2)E, (7)C, (2)E, (10)D

Row 8   (10)D, (1)E, (9)C, (1)E, (3)C, (2)E, (8)C, (5)E, (9)D

Row 9   (8)D, (2)E, (3)C, (1)E, (9)C, (1)E, (2)C, (2)E, (9)C, (1)E, (10)D

Row 10   (7)D, (4)E, (10)C, (1)E, (2)C, (1)E, (9)C, (1)E, (4)C, (2)E, (7)D

Row 11   (6)D, (2)E, (5)C, (1)E, (9)C, (2)E, (1)C, (1)E, (10)C, (1)E, (2)C, (2)E, (6)D

Row 12   (5)D, (2)E, (3)C, (2)E, (4)C, (2)E, (3)C, (1)E, (1)C, (1)E, (4)C, (1)E, (4)C, (2)E, (6)C, (1)E, (6)D

Row 13   (6)D, (1)E, (7)C, (2)E, (3)C, (2)E, (3)C, (1)E, (1)C, (1)E, (2)C, (2)E, (4)C, (2)E, (5)C, (2)E, (4)D

Row 14   (4)D, (1)E, (7)C, (2)E, (4)C, (1)E, (2)C, (4)E, (1)C, (2)E, (3)C, (2)E, (7)C, (2)E, (6)D

Row 15   (7)D, (1)E, (8)C, (2)E, (3)C, (3)E, (2)A, (4)E, (3)C, (2)E, (8)C, (1)E, (4)D

Row 16   (4)D, (2)E, (1)C, (4)E, (3)C, (1)E, (2)C, (2)E, (7)A, (2)E, (2)C, (1)E, (2)C, (8)E, (7)D

Row 17   (6)D, (2)E, (6)C, (7)E, (9)A, (8)E, (2)C, (3)E, (5)D

Row 18   (4)D, (2)E, (9)C, (2)E, (12)A, (1)E, (11)C, (2)E, (5)D

Row 19   (5)D, (1)E, (12)C, (1)E, (12)A, (1)E, (11)C, (1)E, (4)D

Row 20   (3)D, (2)E, (11)C, (1)E, (12)A, (1)E, (12)C, (1)E, (5)D

Row 21   (5)D, (1)E, (6)C, (7)E, (12)A, (6)E, (7)C, (1)E, (3)D

Row 22   (3)D, (1)E, (12)C, (1)E, (12)A, (1)E, (12)C, (1)E, (5)D

Row 23   (5)D, (2)E, (11)C, (1)E, (12)A, (1)E, (11)C, (2)E, (3)D

Row 24   (4)D, (2)E, (10)C, (2)E, (10)A, (4)E, (8)C, (2)E, (6)D

Row 25   (7)D, (11)E, (1)C, (2)E, (8)A, (6)E, (6)C, (2)E, (5)D

Row 26   (6)D, (8)E, (2)C, (4)E, (6)A, (2)E, (3)C, (2)E, (7)C, (2)E, (6)D

Row 27   (6)D, (1)E, (6)C, (3)E, (3)C, (10)E, (2)C, (2)E, (8)C, (2)E, (5)D

Row 28   (5)D, (1)E, (8)C, (2)E, (3)C, (1)E, (2)C, (3)E, (3)C, (2)E, (4)C, (2)E, (5)C, (1)E, (6)D

Row 29   (6)D, (2)E, (4)C, (1)E, (5)C, (1)E, (4)C, (1)E, (1)C, (1)E, (3)C, (1)E, (3)C, (2)E, (7)C, (1)E, (5)D

Row 30   (5)D, (1)E, (6)C, (2)E, (4)C, (1)E, (3)C, (1)E, (1)C, (2)E, (9)C, (2)E, (2)C, (2)E, (7)D

Row 31   (8)D, (4)E, (10)C, (1)E, (2)C, (1)E, (3)C, (1)E, (5)C, (1)E, (5)C, (2)E, (5)D

Row 32   (6)D, (2)E, (4)C, (1)E, (9)C, (1)E, (2)C, (1)E, (10)C, (1)E, (11)D

Row 33   (4)D, (4)E, (3)D, (1)E, (9)C, (2)E, (2)C, (2)E, (8)C, (2)E, (1)C, (3)E, (7)D

Row 34   (9)D, (4)E, (8)C, (1)E, (4)C, (2)E, (7)C, (6)E, (2)B, (3)E, (2)D

Row 35   (2)D, (1)E, (9)B, (2)E, (5)C, (2)E, (5)C, (2)E, (7)C, (1)E, (12)D

Row 36   (12)D, (2)E, (5)C, (2)E, (7)C, (3)E, (2)C, (2)E, (9)B, (2)E, (2)D

Row 37   (3)D, (1)E, (10)B, (4)E, (1)D, (2)E, (6)C, (4)E, (2)C, (2)E, (13)D

Row 38   (14)D, (4)E, (2)D, (2)E, (4)C, (2)E, (1)D, (2)E, (12)B, (2)E, (3)D

Row 39   (4)D, (2)E, (12)B, (2)E, (1)D, (2)E, (2)C, (2)E, (21)D

Row 40   (22)D, (7)E, (12)B, (2)E, (5)D

Row 41   (6)D, (2)E, (13)B, (1)E, (2)B, (1)E, (23)D

Row 42   (23)D, (1)E, (1)B, (2)E, (12)B, (2)E, (7)D

Row 43   (8)D, (3)E, (11)B, (1)E, (1)B, (1)E, (23)D

Row 44   (22)D, (2)E, (12)B, (2)E, (10)D

Row 45   (11)D, (3)E, (11)B, (1)E, (22)D

Row 46   (21)D, (2)E, (8)B, (4)E, (13)D

Row 47   (16)D, (8)E, (2)B, (1)E, (21)D

Row 48   (21)D, (1)E, (1)B, (2)E, (23)D